๐Ÿ“– About us

We help you evolve your business & brand.

We're Agonos. Our company's a mix of both a digital marketing agency, and a technology company. We're a bunch of developers, designers, data analysists, growth experts and support engineers, all with a deep understanding of next-generation technologies and the skills to put them to use in your business.


We create awesome marketing experiences across all digital channels, including social media, email and web. Whether you just need help figuring out your next moves, or want to scale up or outsource (parts of) your marketing efforts, we're able to assist you.

Our results don't just bring you customers, but help you develop and grow your brand.


We build, operate & support powerful technology that you can use to serve your customers like kings โ€” at scale. Whether you're looking for custom internal applications to streamline your operations, or want to discuss digitizing your business with one of our experts, we can help.

Meaning & origin of the name Agonos

The origin of the Agonos brand starts in 2014, when founder Jan-Joost den Brinker was searching for a name for his new company. Initially, we were planning to help businesses be more profitable. Our original company name was therefore "Boost", also partially because of Jan-Joost's love for space exploration and rockets. This was quite a generic name, so it was decided to use "Boost RC" at the time, with RC standing for "Revenue Concepts".

This name was quite fitting back then, but a few months into the journey, we decided to specialize more into the field of marketing. We weren't exactly going to help our case with the name "Boost RC", and so the search for a new name began.

As marketers, we're constantly looking for new ways to captivate the attention of our audience. We like to look at it as a contest of sorts.

We eventually stumbled upon the name "agonos" which is a declanation of the Latin word "agon", which in turn comes from the ancient Greek word แผ€ฮณฯŽฮฝ (agon), meaning "contest". NB: The word "agonos" is technically the second (genitive) declanation, which in English would roughly translate to "of contest".

And so, the new name was born.