📱 Digital Strategy Sessions

📱 What's a digital strategy session?

One of the first services we ever offered as a company was the ability for our customers to discuss their marketing strategies with us. We love brainstorming and discussing all things marketing, and nothing gets us more fired up than solving problems together.

Our Digital Strategy Sessions typically serve two purposes. We've listed them here for you.

Specific marketing channels or campaigns
Digital Strategy Sessions are an excellent choice if you're trying to optimize specific marketing channels or campaigns. Whether you're trying to improve the Click Through Rate of your Facebook Ads or want to discuss organic growth on TikTok, this is the right time and place to do so.

If you are able to tell us in advance what you'd specifically need help with, we'll get one of our experts to join the session.

Overall omnichannel marketing strategy
These sessions also offer an amazing opportunity to review your overall omnichannel marketing strategy. Take a step back and enjoy the view as we go over your marketing channels, paid ads & organic content and dig into how it all ties together. We know a thing or two about creating awesome omnichannel experiences, and we're not afraid to question assumptions.

As part of our continous effort to maximize your marketing efforts, all our customers receive a 1-hour Digital Strategy Session each month for free.

🏷️ Pricing

To find out our pricing for Digital Strategy Sessions, you can view our pricing page or contact us directly.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I bring to a digital strategy session?
Feel free to bring whoever you'd like. Some of our customers only bring their CMO, while others bring the entire marketing department. If you're planning to review your overall omnichannel strategy, it might make sense to bring colleagues from other departments as well. Examples include your Director of Sales, or Head of Customer Support.